Friday, 30 September 2011

Jail Break

Oscar took part in a Jailbreak at the weekend, thankfully involving Scouts not police and prison officers. The idea is that they get dropped off at Point A and then have 24 hours to get to Point B without getting "caught".

He walked about 28 miles, 
didn't really eat, slept in a ditch and ..... had a fantastic time. I, on the other hand, walked round the house, went out for dinner, didn't sleep much and .... am glad he had a fantastic time.

I was a bit hacked off that he didn't eat the Pot Noodle that I had emptied through a sieve (to get rid of the seasoning) and had picked through to make sure there were no mushrooms and onions in. I also stole from the local wine bar (mind you now it could be borrowed as I could give them back) three sachets of tomato ketchup {
it's OK I did confess and I do know the owner} for his meal so the fact that they didn't eat was annoying but then more fool me for sifting and stealing I suppose.

It was a bloomin' long way and I'm very proud of how nonchalantly he goes off and does these things. Archie would like to do it next year and I almost {only almost} feel I may as well go with them as I'll definitely not sleep at all if they are both out in the dark wandering around the countryside evading capture and sleeping in ditches! {This thought will soon pass ... as I would be far too worried about the loo arrangements to go hiking with a load of scouts!}


  1. I have to chuckle at the thought of you sifting a Pot Noodle. It's the kind of thing I'd do too!

  2. I think that has got to be extreme motherhood. Its amazing the things that we do for our kids.


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