Monday, 3 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Yet again, and yes I know this is a regular refrain of mine, a lovely customer from notonthehighstreet has suggested a new product and so I've added Happy Hallowe'en bunting.

She really is the perfect customer. She loved the Trick or Treat bunting I sent her, asked for Happy Halloween bunting and said she'd be back for some Christmas bunting.

She wrote me a lovely note too: "
Thank you SO much again for making this for me. I am so pleased :) So much so, that I have 'liked' it, or whatever the term is!, on my Facebook page. Very best wishes and a Happy Hallowe'en!".
To be honest I wasn't sure what she meant about the 'liked' it bit but then someone on twitter drew my attention to the Like button on the product page. Very pleased to note that the Happy Halloween bunting has 16 likes.

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