Friday, 14 October 2011

Cider Day

Did you all say Cider Day in a Somerset accent? I can't help myself ....

Sunday was Cider Day at Great Slamseys Farm. This is becoming a regular event in the family diary and we all gathered at my sister's to help with the cutting, pulverising and juicing of their apples. If we take some of our own apples and a container we even get to have some juice to take home.

There seemed to be more of us this year and it was done in double quick time and then we  all sat down with a glass of last year's cider and enjoyed delicious casserole. I rather feel that the amount of effort that the boys and I put in didn't quite warrant the returns we received as we had a lovely afternoon and a scrummy tea and we've enjoyed the apple juice every morning. Not tried the cider yet - saving it for a special occasion or at least for a night in with X Factor.

{At this point I was going to put in a lovely picture of said bottle of cider but ... incandescent with rage ... it has disappeared! Apparently drunk in solitary company but a certain husband - I'm very cross - I didn't even get to try it grrrrrrr.}


  1. You can have another bottle Jo. If I'd know it was going to get pilfered I wouldn't have given you one of the Premium bottles!

  2. Thank you but I still reserve the right to be jolly cross. (You won't know this but I really pressed down hard on that final .)

  3. I'd have been pretty incandescent too! I'm a Somerset girl originally ... I was practically brought up on cider and Iove the 'proper' stuff !
    Thank you for the get well wishes over at knitsofacto :)


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