Monday, 24 October 2011

Another excuse for a mood board

So perhaps I was just looking for an excuse to do another one or perhaps I really thought it might be interesting? Either way I decided to do a mood board about how I came up with my favourite product at the moment, which also happens to be my best seller (funny that it should be my favourite), the Personalised Gift Tags

Most of the pictures can be linked back via here and here. The others were taken from an old Country Living magazine in a diy feature.

So that is where I got my ideas from to come up with this.


  1. Your mood board looks good but I don't really understand how that led to the tags. Obviously I'm very dense and have completely missed the point. Love the tags though.

  2. Glad you like the tags Anne you may even get one of your very own on 25/12/11. I had to get the idea from somewhere and these really were the bits of paper I'd cut out when I was thinking of Christmas ideas. You don't see at typography theme at all?


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