Monday, 17 October 2011

Blogging Your Way

I'm an avid reader of and and after hearing some really good things about the Blogging Your Way e-course they run I decided to sign up.

I've just completed the first week and I am really enjoying it and am feeling very inspired. I can't promise that my blog will suddenly become slick, professional and have beautiful photography but I hope that it will improve a little bit?

This is part of my extended homework .... inspiration board.

The e-course has certainly made me think about why I like the blogs I like and why I'm blogging and how I would like to blog in the future.

I really enjoyed the mood board task and have decided they are slightly addictive. Good job really as I've got to do it all again today if I want to keep it because Archie inadvertently knocked it and ooops it landed all over the floor. He did pick all the bits up but didn't quite put everything back where it should be! I'll stick it down this time.

Update: This is the revised, stuck down version!


  1. What a fabulous board! I love all the nautical colours and textures. Well done you!!! Still working on mine ....

  2. I enjoy your blog as it is but will be expecting even better things from now on. You should have put up a picture of Archie's board too.

  3. Wow, so gorgeous Jo - you should try scrapbooking, you're already there and would love it. My mum and sister are addicted. xx

  4. You're inspiration board is gorgeous! You definitely have a clear vision and an amazing eye for color and detail! xx


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