Friday, 28 October 2011

Autumn Walk/Scoot/Skate

It was such a lovely day last Sunday that after lunch my mum, the boys and I had to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm Autumn day. We could have had a lovely relaxing walk alongside the rolling fields, letting the dog off the lead and sauntering along farm tracks.

But no ... the boys insisted on taking a skateboard and scooter on the "walk" so we had to go on the road. Oscar in fact did very very little walking and spent most of the time getting pulled along by Granny.

Whilst Archie got the poor dog to pull him along.

But it was still a lovely walk.

And we all enjoyed it.

Quite nice to hold the hand of your 11 and 10 year old even if it is only because they want you to pull them along ... such a rare occurrence these days .... still lovely.

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  1. SUPERGRAN extraordinaire! I can't help thinking she should have been on the skateboard, but then maybe that could be taken as thinking she's frail, which she's not, she's super fit! Vanessa xxx


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