Friday, 21 October 2011

Teasing with a Teasel

Every day I have to drive Oscar up the road to be dropped off and every day I drive past not one but two patches of teasels. Every single morning I think to myself "tomorrow I'll bring the camera and take a photo of them and then I'll pick them". Every single morning I think this and then promptly forget. So it has been a bit like my own personal ground-hog day, day after day after day.

I did finally remember though much to the huge annoyance of my passenger, Oscar.

Conversation between us went like this, Me: 
"I'm going to stop and pick some teasels, do you want to help" Him: "Why on earth would I want to do that?" Me: "Well I was just asking" Him:"Well don't ask."

Ah the joys of an 11 year old towards the end of their first half term at secondary school.

The reason I wanted to pick them was so I could spray-paint them silver. I saw this blog post by Snapdragon (I know they are seedheads but if you look through this blog you'll see why it reminded me) and also because I remembered my mum doing this. So I feel it is a bit retro 70s and before any of my sisters say it, yes I do feel it's as pointless as when mum did it and I will save them for Christmas.


  1. Do you know, I think I remember my Mum spray painting teasels one Christmas! That took me back!!

  2. Annie so glad you had the same sort of mother as we did! I'm sure I'm going to be ahead of the retro trend this Christmas - I bet there will be loads of spray painted teasels .... well maybe.

  3. Keep these special memories for when your son has children! At least its been recorded for evidence on your blog for future reference! My mum used to do the spraying teasels silver too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet memories! Vanessa xxx

  4. I'm a fellow BYW student and your post reminded me of one on my site about Blossfeldt, a photographer that if you don't already know, I think you would really like... it can be found here:



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