Wednesday, 21 September 2011


We've got masses of beautiful quince this year. They are so gorgeous on the tree looking like jewels hanging in the green foliage.

Inspired by The Quince Tree {well who else really} I decided to try making some quince cheese, even though I've tried it before and it was .... ummm ... interesting.

This sounded relatively easy though so how could I go wrong {with my cooking skills - easily}. First I boiled my quince.

Then I all I had to do was make it into a paste, which I thought I'd done OK until I started stirring it and realised it was a bit lumpy - ooops.

So now I have to leave it for a bit.

I'm hoping it will do justice to the quince and be edible?


  1. It looks just fine to me. I used a Portuguese recipe last year and it was delicious.

  2. Thanks Sue, glad you think it looks OK. I used your link to the Portuguese recipe so fingers crossed it will be fine.

  3. I bet it will be lovely. I spend a fortune on that in Waitrose!

  4. Lucky you to have a quince tree! I'm sure your 'cheese' will be fine ... enjoy :D


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