Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blood and no gore

I did something amazing yesterday.

Actually I didn't really but that is what they tell you when you go and Give Blood and it does make you feel like you've done your "good deed" for the day. And they tell me I'm special. No, really they do because my blood group is AB+ and only 3% of the population are in this group apparently.

My mum embarrassed inspired me to give blood. She's given loads of pints of the red stuff and I thought a few years ago that I should too. According to the shocking statistics I'm part of only 4% of the population that gives blood.

Honestly if you've never done it then go along as it is such an easy thing to do and I think of it as a bit of an insurance policy as hopefully I will never need to have any of it back ... really they can keep it!I now won't have to go again until September so it's not exactly onerous and I'm very lucky that I only have to go to the village hall where I pick up the boys every afternoon so it fits in with me picking them up and now I'm in the system I just book the next appointment when I'm there.

As a bonus/encouragement to go you get really nice biscuits afterwards and a cup of tea and all the staff are lovely. I'm really difficult to get blood from and I promise you it doesn't hurt as obviously they do the whole needle thing all the time and are very good at it ;-)


  1. Over here in Sydney they won't accept my blood because of the nine months we spent in the UK years ago - apparently too much risk that we could be contaminated with Mad Cow Disease! Shame though because I would like to do it and they sometimes have to appeal for blood donors because supplies are low, but apparently not desperate enough to accept me!

    1. You'd think that after all this time as you haven't turned into a Mad Cow then they'd let you?!?

  2. Good for you - and you've reminded me that I am overdue to donate ...

  3. Brilliant Jo :D Hubby has been giving blood for years but I had to stop due to all the meds I'm on. Hopefully they'll have me back eventually!


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