Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dreaming of a pause button

I really wish there was a giant pause button I could press to stop everyone else but me!

I've got a number of things I want to finish, some things I want to start, emails & texts to reply to, orders to get out, a house to clean, washing to do, stuff to sort out. The boys need to be taken to places and need picking up from places and seem to want feeding continuously.

White Rabbit


I'd just like a few extra hours in the day to catch up.

Spiral Clock

But then again I'd hate to sit twiddling my fingers, I'd hate not to be needed and I'd hate it if I had so much time on my hands that I was bored so perhaps it's not so bad. Maybe next week I'll catch up .... 

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  1. It sounds crazy but I actually quite like that feeling....sometimes I wake up and I actually cant wait to get out of bed and get busy, getting productive (or not so productive somedays). I like the feeling of being bursting with ideas and things I want to do (not so keen on the things I have to stopping to fill up the car!! I like organising and cleaning and making my house a home. When it all gets a bit much, I sit down with a cup of tea, breathe and instead of looking at the manic big picture, I focus on the small things and work at getting them ticked off the mental list one at a time....before you know it, you have got lots done and it really wasn't as bad as you thought.
    Wishing you all the time in the world today.
    Best wishes


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