Friday, 6 April 2012

London Day Out

I had the day off yesterday for a London day out .... didn't all quite go according to plan, but sometimes things don't do they?

One of the reasons for going to London was so we could visit Tate Modern again to replace Archie's WHAAM mug that I'd inadvertently broken last month.

Whilst there we saw this amazing installation by Do Ho Suh, I have no idea what it is supposed to convey I just liked it. The light shining through it was incredible. 

It was a perfect staircase suspended up high with a balustrade and light fittings!

The Tate also had these giant dotty balloons which I wanted to bring home.

This giant anatomical form was outside, part of the Damien Hirst exhibition. 

We saw some interesting things and the boys got to ride in a London taxi cab for the first time. Archie regaled Granny and the taxi driver about the only other time he had been in a taxi, "you know Mum the time we came home really late after a party and you were really .....". 

The taxi driver was amused not sure about Granny?

We decided not to get a taxi back to Liverpool Street (much to Archie's annoyance) as I love walking through London. Thing is I want to saunter along taking photos and everyone else wants to hurry along. I think next time I visit London I shall go on my own.

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