Monday, 30 April 2012

Bespoke and Personal

Realised I haven't shared any photos lately of things I've worked on. This is from a few weeks ago when a customer asked if I could incorporate a picture of a pram into the ever popular Bespoke Personalised Large Bunting. Normally I only get asked for the normal pink and blue for baby showers so it was lovely to do something a little more sophisticated and I loved the combination of the green picture with grey lettering.

I also did another grey bunting recently but this time teamed with pink for a Welcome sign that Kate from Vintage Style Hire requested for an event that she styled. 

I've done a lot of the Bespoke Personalised Large Bunting this month which I love because by its very nature each order is different. I must remember to photograph more of them but sometimes I'm just so busy I just need to package them up and send them off and of course quite often I forget to charge the battery for the camera :-)

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  1. D'you know, I have never noticed your rivets before. Call me slapdash if you will. I think they look very good, especially with the big bunting flags.


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