Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Name is Jo and I'm a Font Addict

There I've said it.

I've always had a bit of thing for fonts but then my sister gave me this book for my birthday 
Just My Type  and now my addiction has also got factual information to go with it. 


The other members of the family were pretty glad when I finished reading it. As Oscar said to me one day "Mum we're just not as interested in typography as you are". He may have had a point as perhaps I did go on about it a bit. I loved this book so much I even suggested it as a future read to my Book Club {don't think they will be taking me up on it although they did politely show an interest}. I think some fellow book club members will read it and even if you are only a little bit interested in typography/fonts you should read this book, honestly it is so interesting.

These are my favourite fonts this week ... yes it changes on a weekly basis.

Cheboygan    Quicksand    Light Chartrand

Aren't they lovely?

I've also started to recognise various fonts as I drive along, for instance there is a local guest house that I've driven past thousands of times and always admired their sign but now look at it and think Poor Richard (as in the font name not some random person on the side of the road). I now know the difference between serif and sans serif and could play this game for hours. Then notonthehighstreet sent through an email this week about new trends and ampersands, oh how I'd love a giant ampersand! Really it is an addiction that I won't be able to lose as we are surrounded by fonts all day every day.

However as addictions go I don't think it's too awful and I do have it under control as I try hard not to download more than one font a week. If my font habit rises any more I'll have to block the font sites. You want to know what they are don't you? Font Squirrel and Dafont are my fix favourites!


  1. Is that the one they serialised on Radio4 a couple of months ago? It was compelling listening (no, I am not being snarky).

    I could always needle felt you a giant ampersand (ducking and running away).

    1. In case anyone is wondering why dottycookie would have to duck and run away I have to openly admit to not been terribly keen on needle felting. It really is a day for confessions for me isn't it!

  2. Haha, me too! It's why despite having a free Blogger blog I pay Typekit money to be able to use whatever fonts I fancy on it. Pupcat, my title font, is one of my favourites at the moment. Go play on the Typekit site Jo, you'll have a ball :D

  3. I'm dying to see what you're going to admit to next time. I have a few suggestions but probably best that I keep them to myself. For the moment.


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