Monday, 7 May 2012

A long walk

On Saturday both the boys did a Mini Jailbreak with scouts. The idea is that they set off at Point A and have to get to Point B whilst avoiding capture. Oscar is an old hand at these challenges but this was the first time that Archie had taken part. It was tough going by all accounts as it was very muddy everywhere but at least the rain stayed away on the day.

It's an exhausting challenge and one that Archie found quite tough but he completed it and I think it is a real achievement at age 10. For the first time they had a team of local guides with them and .... the girls won. Personally I was excited to see the girls stomping home as I know quite a few of them really well and was thrilled for them but the boys weren't quite so impressed at seeing them when they got back some fifteen minutes later. Obviously the excuses started immediately and my boys reckoned that the only reason they won was because their adult helper was a local farmer's son who knew part of the route pretty well. They couldn't actually bring themselves to admit they were just beaten by a better team!

It is a long way but as the title implies only the mini one, they do an overnighter later in the year. I won't ask Archie just yet if he'll want to take part in the next one as I think his feet still hurt a bit but I bet he'll be up for it nearer the time. Oscar says he'd like to complete 100 miles walking with scouts so will definitely want to add a few more miles.

It's doing these sorts of challenges that really makes Scouts worthwhile and even though I sometimes moan when I have to go and pick them up from their weekly meetings on a Friday night at 9pm I'm so glad they have the opportunity to do it and that it is run by such an enthusiastic group of people.

From: Felsted, Essex To: Hempstead, Essex
Felsted to Hempstead

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  1. Huge well done boys, and girls. But Jo, just wait 'til it's DofE walks they're doing ... I once had to literally hose two of mine down before I'd let them in the house, both had been up to their chests in a Welsh bog!


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