Friday, 25 May 2012

Slamseys Drinks - A Taste of the Hedgerow

I was very proud of my niece on Sunday when she had her very first stand at a local show to let the general public taste and buy her fruit gins. As her website states:
We make every bottle of Slamseys Fruit Gin with fruits handpicked from the fields and hedgerows around our family farm. The precious berries are infused in London Dry Gin to create an exceptional liqeur that has been a countryside favourite for generations.
The feedback that she got was great, people "oohd" and "ahhhd" about her packaging and more to the point "mmmmd" and "ohhhhd" about the taste of her Blackberry and Raspberry Gin.

I loved the little touches on her stand such as the hessian table cloth, the hand made aprons we got to wear and the "specimen" box.

I went along to help her and really enjoyed myself. 
 {You'll note I only offered to help with the selling not the picking of copious amounts of fruit.} It is always so much easier to sell someone else's work and of course it was relatively easy to get people to taste it and once they had tasted it even easier to sell them a bottle.

Beth has put in a lot of hard work to get to this point in her business and it was a pleasure and an honour to be involved in her first show.

If you would like any further information on Slamseys Drinks please look at the website, Facebook and Twitter


  1. Now I make my own sloe gin, but not blackberry or raspberry. Don't suppose there's any chance Beth will be selling this far north?

    1. She's only doing a few shows in Essex to start with but who knows where she'll go next year. Beth will also be selling online so it can be posted anywhere, details will be on her website soon.

  2. You forgot to say
    "And look at the wonderful Daisyley bunting hanging behind Beth"
    (but don't look at the next door stand's boxes in the background).

    1. Ahhhh that's because I have Margaret's words ringing in my ears "Your signs not big enough" .... she was right.


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