Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Another weekend, another day out

This time just down the road to a Yellow Book NGS  garden which I have visited before and enjoyed so much that I wanted to show my Mum and big sister. As Sunday was such a lovely day we even walked there which I enjoyed because I'd never had any reason or need to walk along part of our route before.

The garden is a delight. To start with it is off the road down a narrow little lane and so you have no idea what is hidden out of sight and when you get there it is still a bit of a mystery as it is on lots of different levels.

There is so much to see in this garden that it is difficult to say what I liked best.

The natural swimming pool looked very inviting and so, so, so much nicer than a horrible glaring turquoise swimming pool.

I would love a little house in the garden with it's own bed, fireplace and cosy couch.

Or perhaps just a folly at the end of the garden?

We do have a hammock but not quite as restful as this one looked. 

I can remember the last time I went that I came back to our garden and just thought it was so boring, although lovely just a bit boring. So perhaps I really should start a collection of random stones and find some giant fruit to leave lying around! 

A lovely afternoon made even nicer by rounding it off with a yummy Sunday tea with thanks to Mum for the delivery of homemade quiche and chocolate cake!

A picture of the supports for you Annie.


  1. Thanks for the picture. Just need someone to make me something similar. Ditto the pool.

  2. I do love a good NGS visit. Though I must admit I usually come home and start ripping things out of our garden so it may not be an entirely healthy habit!

    The natural pool is very tempting, though it would take up most of the space we have so perhaps not too practical ....


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