Friday, 18 May 2012

Just pay me in Slamseys Fruit Gin

I made some bunting this week for Slamseys Drinks for their stand at The Essex Young Farmers Show which is happening on Sunday. I hadn't planned on charging at all but could hardly turn down the payment I received, a gorgeous bottle of Raspberry Gin.

It looks wonderful don't you think? After I've done the Scout run tonight I shall pop the cork and have a little taste. Love the idea of the Summer Cocktail recipe that came with the bottle but as I don't have all the ingredients that delight will have to wait for another day and so it will be Raspberry Gin over ice with elderflower presse tonight ....  mmmm ... perhaps I can get someone else to do the Scout run?

Please go over to Slamseys Drinks Facebook page and also follow them on twitter and enter your email address on their website to get further information. Even better if you happen to be near Chelmsford on Sunday then go to the Young Farmers Show and taste some for yourself.

Wishing Beth every success with her first show on Sunday - good luck and bottoms up!


  1. ooh that sounds delicious !

  2. You should have put up a picture of the bunting you made for Beth - it looks fab.

  3. Raspberry gin? I think I may have died and gone to heaven.

  4. Now if ever there was a good way to get quietly merry it was raspberry gin. Enjoy :D


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