Wednesday, 23 May 2012

No New Clothes Challenge Month 4

Gosh you see I'm getting so used to the whole idea of not buying any new clothes that I even forgot to do an update for Month 4!

I've even managed to do a shopping trip in Cambridge with a group of friends and not buy anything. I discovered that I was quite happy to help my lovely friend Katherine try and buy a dress rather than look for myself. It probably helped that she is a perfect size 10/12 and everything we picked out for her she was willing to try and everything looked gorgeous on her so it was fun.

We had a lovely day out. We decided to return to Cambridge for our day out as we'd had such a lovely time just before Christmas and decided that we would pretty much just repeat that day as the formula worked so well! Starting off with a coffee to get the chatting started and then a little meander round a couple of shops then off to Browns for lunch. Not too much lunch though, mainly Prosecco and nibbly bits.

Then a little bit more light shopping, more laughing and a lot more chatting before dinner at Jamies. Kate and I were the first to arrive at Jamies and they were fully booked but we thought that we would just sit and wait for the others.

We were very polite and accepting and so I think they must have taken pity on us (or perhaps they thought we just wouldn't move out of the reception area) because suddenly they had found us a table. The restaurant (see photo of the ceiling below) is just the most amazing room to eat in and even sitting in the bar drinking cocktails is quite fun too.

As always the day went far too quickly and as usual we declared we must do it more often. It's sometimes just great to spend the day with lovely friends doing nothing more than chatting, eating and drinking.

As for the taxi driver that took us home well she certainly entertained us all the way home and in the pub where we had to call in for "one last drink" before going home.

So you see this nonewclotes thing still continues to be easy. Yes, there were things I liked but really I was there for the company not to buy new things and honestly I didn't need to buy anything because we spent enough on Prosecco and cocktails to buy at least two new dresses!

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  1. I love a day out in Cambridge! Well done you on the nonewclothes challenge. A day out with friends - perfect!


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