Friday, 20 April 2012

Eggs for Sale (NOT the chair)

We have had a glut of eggs and so Archie designed a poster and set up his little stall by the side of the road outside the house. He's done quite well with the eggs going almost as soon as he puts them outside. He makes a bit of pocket money, the eggs don't get wasted and someone else gets the pleasure of our lovely free-range eggs. A win win situation .... or so we thought.

Unfortunately that's not the only thing that has gone because when we came home the other day we noticed that the chair had gone too! Now this is not half as bad as my poor sister's tale of woe but annoying nonetheless. Especially as the chair was a wedding present and especially because oh wise one aka husband/father had told us not to leave the chair out on the side of the road (it must be so annoying to always be right).

Anyway I hope my mum isn't reading this because I always get very upset with her when she wants to lock her car even for a moment outside our house as I tell her it's perfectly safe here and that nothing ever goes missing ..... until now of course. 

Ever the 
Pollyanna though I've decided that somebody must have thought that they were allowed to take it because it was left on the side of the road, a much nicer thought that knowing someone nicked it don't you think? 


  1. Who would be able to resist Archie and the eggs! Shame about the chair though!

  2. If the Crime Reduction Officer came round (and note it's not Crime Prevention any more) they would probably tell you that you should have attached a sign saying "This Chair Is Not For Sale Or Removal". Maybe the person who took it is going to clean it up for you and bring it back. Oh, a pig just flew by my window.

  3. Hi Jo
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving your lovely comment/sharing your views. I found all the comments so fascinating.
    How great to have your own eggs. Unfortunately I became intolerant to eggs about 5 years ago so now if I bake I have to use a substitute. You cant substitute a lovely boiled egg and hot buttered soldiers. Oh what I wouldn't give to get dipping!
    As for the chair, I cant believe it. Presumably the sign was still up, even if all the eggs had been sold and therefore quite clear the chair wasn't going spare! Honestly, what is the world coming to?

  4. what a shame about the chair...... hope it doesn't spoil the egg selling project.

  5. Some people do like to assume that anything left by the road has been dumped and is up for grabs. Maybe somebody somewhere is writing a blog post right now about their fantastic find!

  6. Good grief, some people. Let's hope they were just confused, eh?


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