Monday, 16 April 2012

Quiet Day

I've lost my voice. Family happy. A
 quiet Monday morning with no shouting just rasping "You need to hurry up". It amused them but they still didn't hurry up ....


  1. Get well soon! Mine have an inset day, so they were up and shouting by 7.15. What's the betting I have to drag them out tomorrow morning?

  2. Oh I love this picture. Ever since my fabric find last week I seem to have a thing for yellow. I went antique hunting yesterday and everything I liked guessed it....yellow. And now this fabulous picture made me feel all funny and warm inside - its the colour. Im all about yellow this month...
    I did this with turqouise once too.
    Lovely picture - get better soon!

  3. What a pretty bunch of flowers. Just right to put on the table at tea time.


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