Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Age Bunting

Some orders require a bit of email discussion with the customer and a couple of weeks ago an order for my Birthday Age Bunting was one of those. The customer wanted a slightly different design and also had a bit of a trouble ordering and we exchanged emails back and forth. The emails were all very light hearted and funny and the last email simply said, 
"I need a stiff drink after making my way through that maze. Do have one too!"
This week I received a photo with accompanying email from this hugely entertaining customer saying,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and the lovely banner. Party was last night and a great success. The restaurant
Andrew Edmunds in Lexington Street is known for its charm and atmosphere -they are experts - but your bunting looked wonderful and they were much impressed. Thank you.
It is really, really kind of customers to take the time to email me AND send me photos and these are the customers that I wish I could meet face to face as it would be lovely to say thank you in person and see if they are really as I imagine them.

I think I've mentioned before that once an order goes out I tick it off and forget it and so when an enquiry pops up with an old order number, my heart automatically sinks because I think there is something wrong, perhaps they didn't get it or worse perhaps they don't like it. I never think someone will be taking the time to say thank you and so you can imagine as I've got two of these emails in a week it makes me very happy :-)

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  1. Your bunting is lovely Jo, may you have many more happy customers saying thank you :D


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