Monday, 11 June 2012

Viola's Coronation Birthday Party

I just love it love it love it when a customer sends me a photo of the bunting I've made for them. Here is a gorgeous photo I received this weekend with an accompanying message.

The bunting was beautiful. It was my daughters Birthday on coronation day, see attached photo of our little family party.

Viola certainly is a lucky girl as that is a pretty spectacular birthday table!


  1. Oh, now I wish I had had a birthday party like that! (Mine was fun but involved a rather large Chinese takeaway and wasn't nearly so tasteful ;-)

  2. ohh, so lovely and beautiful...... A very bright wishes of birthday from my side as well.....have a great year ahead

  3. Lucky Viola, that all looks fabulous!

  4. I'm so into all things red, white and blue right now.
    Love it!


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