Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

This is one of my most favourite photos - it is a picture of Oscar and his "Ten" in my parents' garden. Why Ten? Dad didn't want to be called Grandad so he was Ken to all his grandchildren or if you couldn't quite say your Ks (as Oscar couldn't) he was Ten.

As the years pass since he died I wonder what Ken would have made of how my boys have grown up. I think he'd be pleased that they love sport, I think he'd be horrified at their table manners. He'd like how much they get on with each other but he'd probably disapprove of their haircuts (or lack of). I know that he'd talk to them as if they were adults.

Dad never really liked going away from home too much and always said he'd like to visit family in Canada and Australia for a day and then come home again. I feel like that today, I wish he could just pop back for a day and see how we are all getting on ....

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  1. what a lovely photo, special memories xxx I think he would have been very proud indeed xxx


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