Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bunting, Bias Tape and More Bunting

No time for blogging ... no really .... I've got to finish making 150 metres of fabric bunting. Yes ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY METRES of bunting for the village fete. To be honest with you it's not exactly a solo project as I'm so badly behind that my lovely Mum is doing a lot of it. She also managed to get 40 odd metres made by some of her friends.

I honestly thought it wouldn't take long. How on earth could I possibly think that 150 metres of double-sided fabric bunting wouldn't take an inordinate amount of time? Give me my card bunting any day of the week!

Mum has insisted that I also make the bias binding which to me is a total waste of my life. Although saying that I did almost (only almost) find it enjoyable yesterday afternoon now I've worked out how not to steam burn my fingers. I know she's right and it will be much stronger than shop bought bias binding but honestly it is a bit of a faff, no it's a complete an utter faff.

I did have a bit of help from Oscar {briefly} keen to try out his sewing skills.

I've got another 88 metres to make. Mum keeps telling me it will be fine. However, now that I have children I say that too in a calm, "don't worry it will be fine" voice so I'm afraid I no longer believe her. I even cancelled a lunch invitation on Saturday. But perhaps if I really crack on I can still go ...... 


  1. Ugh, I gave up making fabric bunting to sell ages ago. It takes foreverm it is deathly boring and people always comment that you can buy it cheaper in the high street. Well, yes, you CAN, but the single layer pinking sheared stuff flaps like wet shirts, and if it is double sided and ridiculously cheap then some poor soul has not been paid properly. Ugh again.

    Good luck ;-)

  2. Let's hope the village appreciate all your effort.

  3. Oh I was meant to have metres and metres of bunting strung across my garden for the Jubilee Weekend, but it that was my excuse for not making anymore.
    Actually, the truth of the matter was that it was the biggest pain in the proverbial to make and drove me up the wall with boredom/frustration.
    Faffy, fiddly - a proverbial pain in the you know what!
    I am just glad it rained and I could graciously admit defeat.
    Happy Sewing - drink tea, eat cake and listen to soothing music to get you through.

  4. That is a LOT of bunting! Can't wait to see the finished product.
    I hate making bias binding, I always manage to get steam burns on my fingers when I iron it!

  5. oh my. I LOVE fabric bunting but I never make my own binding. in fact I've used cotton tape for the latest lot......
    your's will look amazing. xxx


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