Friday, 29 June 2012

This has been my To Do List for the week .....

Deliver bunting to Charlotte
Go to Sports Day
Meeting about Leavers Disco
Go to District Sports Day
AGM for Village News
Take to cricket training
Help at Cycling proficiency morning
Pick up from tennis
Sort out Archie's birthday present
Book-keeping help for the morning
Take to Cricket Match
Drop off at Scouts clear up
Try and fit in having drink with friend for her birthday
Orthodontist appointment
Buy Archie new trainers
Drop boys at Mum's after orthodontist
Go to party {this is a task I want to do}
Write, edit and get ready Village News for proofing
Prepare and post daily orders for notonthehighstreet customers
Prepare and post orders for Rose & Aster and Vintage Style Hire
Try and ignore dust, dirty clothes and hungry family

At least I've got some honey (and a cheque) for doing the book-keeping :-) so we can all have honey sandwiches.


  1. good grief. you need to add "go for a lie down in a darkened room to that list"!
    hope you have a relaxing weekend planned

  2. Blimey. And I thought my lists were mad.


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