Monday, 2 July 2012

Rambling Rector and an Invitation

Our garden fence is yet again groaning with Rambling Rector blooms and looks simply stunning.

Every year we declare that we will have people over as the garden looks so gorgeous but yet again other organised people have booked the weekends for their parties. By the time we get round to invitations it will either be grotty weather or the roses will have finished.

So I'm inviting you instead. 
Is that OK? Look at the photos and pretend you have the sun on your face, a glass of something cool in your hand with the smell of a barbeque, children playing nicely and general chatter going on. You can even get up from your seat and wander over to the fence and breathe in the heady aroma and think how pretty it looks.


  1. oooh thanks for your invite, your roses are divine. I'll have a glass of pimms please, and yes isn't it lovely how all the gchildren are getting on so well with no squabbling. xxx

  2. so lovely, thank you for inviting me good company good wine and a stunning view ! Perfect :)

  3. It looks and sounds divine. We've just had to say goodbye to our rector - he was sitting in the way of a new shed but we may be able to find room for a younger replacement soon, I hope.

  4. I'll come over and keep the Rector company any time ... what an incredible display of blooms!

  5. I've got my eyes closed and I'm imagining.

    Such a beautiful image - I think it should stay.

    Nina x


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