Wednesday, 11 July 2012

No New Clothes Challenge - Month 5

June completed and no problems until .... I started thinking about what I'd like to wear to go and see the Olympics. I thought I would buy the boys a Team GB t-shirt and when I was browsing I came across this rather tasteful and practical sweatshirt.

navy <em>team GB</em> print <em>hoodie</em>

I might buy that I thought but then Hang.On.A.Minute I can't. Ummmmm feeling a little deprived that I won't be buying any Olympic items of clothing but then hopefully I won't need a sweatshirt because come August it will be blazing sunshine and I can just wear something I already have, right? At this moment sitting here in July with socks, boots, long jeans, jumper and a scarf round my neck it all seems a bit impossible. Oh British Summer I really, really hope you are going to make an appearance soon for the Olympics because it's getting very boring.

It is particularly boring for me because I have a variety of fresh, hardly worn summer things to wear and at the moment I'm not getting the chance. My long jeans are going to wear out by the end of 2012 a this rate!

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