Friday, 20 July 2012

Could someone please return the last 6 years

How can the time from 5th January 2006 to 20th July 2012 have gone so quickly?

Today is Archie's last day at primary school and come September I know that he will have that same confident "I can't wait" smile on his face as he follows his big brother out the door to secondary school.

A friend with younger children asked me recently, with a worried look on her face, how I will feel when they've both left our primary school. Her eldest only has one more year and I know she's already thinking about the changes ahead. The thing is you can't stop them growing up and neither do you want to. We will all miss our primary school of course we will and all the lovely people that work there but we are ready to move on. I don't think I will shed a tear in sadness but I might bite my lip a bit when I think of all the school plays, sports days and good times.

It IS sad but it is also a time to look back very fondly at all the very, very happy memories we have.

And tonight I've organised a disco for all the leavers which will be noisy, happy and a final memory of their wonderful primary school time. Most of the children there tonight we have known from the very first day which is lovely. A lot of Archie's very good friends are going to the same secondary school, in fact quite a lot are the same tutor group, and he's even got one of his friend's mum as his tutor so I think he will settle in very quickly.

I've just reminded myself of one poor little girl who, sadly for her, has always been alphabetically the next in line to Archie. She said to me recently in a very resigned, dejected voice "My entire school life I've had to sit next to Archie." She's off to another secondary school and will finally escape from him .... I think she might be glad.


  1. You have just made me cry. I have avoided leavers' assembly this morning, even though I do work at the school, because I know I would completely lose. God help me next year when my daughter finishes Year 6 ...

  2. my eldest had her last day at middle school today. gosh it's an emotional time of year x

  3. You've taken me back a way Jo, it's a good while since I had a kid in primary school.

    Good luck in your new school Archie, after you've had an ace summer break of course :D

  4. I know that feeling so well. I have two moving up and on this September.

    Nina x


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