Thursday, 19 July 2012

Teacher Thank You Presents

The year is the final time for me to do Teacher and Teaching Assistant Thank You presents as both boys will be at secondary school next year.  We really wanted to thank a lot of people for making the past eight years so full of happy memories so this year we also did reception staff, caretaker and head teacher! My theme was loosely based on a Great British Olympic type present with little extras for the very, very special people. It's not just the teachers who encourage and inspire and both my boys have been very lucky to have come into contact with some wonderful school staff who really deserve far more than the present I've given them but I hope the Thank You will mean a lot to them.

It feels very odd not giving Oscar anything to take in but he assures me it is not the done thing to take thank you presents into secondary school. I hope he's right?!?

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  1. Speaking as one of the "extra" staff at our school, I can promise you that the people will be absolutely thrilled that you have remembered them. What a lovely thought.


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