Monday, 9 July 2012

Olympic Torches, Village Fete and Cake Making

We arrived early, parked easily and wandered in front of Newport Free Grammar School listening to the school band as we went. Good spot found we met up with friends, had a cup of tea and basked in the glorious sunshine. We got the freebie noise makers, chatted to all around us, smiled and laughed and did high fives with the passing policemen and had a good time.

It was an amazing sight to see this small village street packed with people but everyone could easily get a good view and no one was jostling for prime position. It was all going  so well. 

Then the heavens opened and it didn't just spit with rain it absolutely soaked us! Luckily another coach in the convoy came along handing out plastic macs.

The excitement began to build and we could hear the music blaring. More police came along high fiving the crowd as they passed.

Then we saw the torch! We had heard some rumours about who might be running the leg we were watching and thought he would probably run past his old school. Sure enough Jamie Oliver ran past us with the torch. We wouldn't have minded who we saw but it was good to see someone we recognised.

I'm so glad we made the effort to go because it was a really lovely thing to be part of and now I just can't wait for the Olympics to start. Then after that excitement we raced back home to our local village fete. They hadn't had the rain and looked at us slightly perplexed that we were soaked from head to foot.

I stood for a long time admiring the bunting my mum and I made and it was almost (?) worth the time and effort it took to make it when people started coming up saying "Did you really make all this bunting?".

As usual at the Fete the adults stood around chatting and the kids started games of football and man hunt and generally ran amok.

They excelled themselves in the "running amok" stakes this year when I returned to the house to find a number of boys in my kitchen "improving" a traybake and also making a Lemon Drizzle Oreo cake! This is the sight that greeted me .....

There are times when you really just have to laugh especially when one of the lovely boys asked me "Would it matter that we got muddled up with tablespoons and teaspoons with the baking powder?".

Yes, it was a good weekend despite the rotten rainy weather and the wrecked kitchen :-)


  1. Your bunting looks fab. Hope you've rescued it and have somewhere safe to keep it until next time.

  2. your bunting looks amazing! and your torch experience sounds great! x


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