Friday, 13 July 2012

Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table

You may have seen/heard that the founders of Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker have recently written a book called "Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table". I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a copy in the post the other day, a signed copy no less.

As a seller with notonthehighstreet, and as I really do run my business from my kitchen table, I soon abandoned Mr Grey (I know ... I know) and started avidly reading. Imagine my delight to find not just one quote but two quotes from me. In print. In the book. From me!

The first quote is just simply the truth about why I do the hours that I do. My boys do have endless (mostly totally undeserved) faith in my capabilities and when someone was having a bit of go at me recently Oscar came up to me and whispered in my ear "Just prove them wrong Mum". They are the reason I'm doing this so that I can be at home and not have to endlessly worry about childcare and so that I can juggle my hours to suit me and go and see them in various sporting/musical events.

The second quote was because I've found that when dealing with other female business owners the truth is simply the best way and you get such support and help that I never experienced in a mainly male workplace. Obviously that is just my personal opinion and I'm sure lots of men are very supportive but I find this "world" very different from my previous experiences.

So how about the book? Well, I found it really interesting and helpful. I thought I knew most of the Sophie/Holly story but you get much more insight into their struggles to make this a success. Their honesty is to be applauded as sometimes I think you imagine that every successful company just happened and that it was easy for them. The book is also very helpful without getting into the American self-help way of talking to you and as I've only read it quickly I need to re-read it giving it time and taking note of their advice.

Most of all this books confirms what I keep thinking that if you want to be successful Work Hard. If you know anyone who is just starting a business, or even thinking about it, I would strongly recommend this book.


  1. Ah, fame in print :-) That does look like an interesting read - and fear not, Mr Grey has been visiting here too. Good God.

  2. Hey, you're famous :D

    So glad you said what you did about women being so expertly supportive of other women, I tried to write a post on similar lines the other day but scrapped it as I was afraid of causing offence to the fella's. I do know some tremendously supportive men but women just 'get it' in a way men mostly don't, they understand the struggle.


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