Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Chevron Bunting

If, like me, you have a little look at pictures on Pinterest or perhaps you read some American blogs you too may have noticed a bit of a chevron trend?

It seems that the chevron is the new stripe and not one to miss out on a trend I decided that I'd like to design and make some chevron bunting. I also decided that I'd like try a different shape and so please welcome to my bunting range the Chevron Bunting! Who says bunting has to be triangular and I rather like the way it hangs. I'm wondering if I should offer it in smaller sizes or perhaps this is one bunting that needs to be large?


  1. It looks a little like waves. Great for a beach hut.

  2. Hurrah! You've got rid of the word verification.

  3. That looks really good - I like it a lot!


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