Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Village Jubilee Celebrations

There was pavlova

and tattoos.

There was reluctant dressing up,

and a wonderful band that

meant there was a lot of dancing.

Our little village even had one of the 4,000 beacons across the land.

We had a wonderful Diamond Jubilee celebration weekend.


  1. I wish I lived in a village like yours.
    PS Can you get rid of that word verification on your comments? It's very annoying as I'm not a robot but still find it very difficult to work out the letters.

  2. your Jubilee celebrations looked a lot of fun! I have given you a versatile Blogger Award.If you would like to accept it please put it on your page and pass it on,if it's not your thing please take it as a compliment for your beautiful blog, I love to see your amazing creations!

  3. Squeaaaaak - you had a beacon!


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