Friday, 27 January 2012

Chocolate Crunch

Reading Silverpebble's blog post about Cosiness and Comfort, I thought I would share the easiest most cosy and comfortable pudding ever as part of Silverpebble's & Thrifty Household's Making Winter.

Family story is that some of my cousins (all now in their 50s and maybe even 60s!) kept coming home from primary school and telling my lovely Scottish Aunt, who happens to be an extremely good cook, that they had had the most delicious pudding at school. The dinner lady was asked for the recipe and eventually relented and undaunted by the fact that it was for 96 portions my Aunt was able to serve it up to my cousins at home. We must have liked it too and so mum asked for the recipe and we had it often. It is definitely my "oh my goodness look at the time what are we going to have for pudding" fall back. It helps that it is just as yummy cold as it is hot.

It has to be the quickest pudding ever and is real winter comfort food.

Be warned - it is very sweet!

175g (6oz) marg (I actually use butter)
175g (6oz) sugar
15g (¾oz) cocoa
1 egg
210g (7½oz) self-raising flour

Melt the margarine, add vanilla, sugar, cocoa, flour and egg.

Press into greased tin. Brush with water and sprinke with sugar. Bake at 375/190 for 20 minutes.

Serve with chocolate custard and cream.


  1. Oh, yum!

    Serve with chocolate custard indeed - bet that doesn't take 5 minutes!

  2. Oh my goodness. How fantastically easy and delicious this looks. THANKYOU!

  3. Yours looks very sophisticated. Where's the dollop of thick school chocolate custard?

  4. This looks so simple and easy I will be definitely trying it this weekend. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. It's very cold here at the moment & I think we may just 'need' to try this chocolatiness out...

  6. How very yummy looking! Must give it a go!

  7. mmmm. we used to have this amazing chocolate pudding at school that was served with bright green mint custard. your's looks a million times nicer x

  8. This looks so like the Chocolate Squares recipe I posted back in June, and I think that originally came from a dinner lady too ... I wonder if they had a big Dinner Lady Cookbook ;D

    1. Just had a look at yours and it has to be the same. Makes me wonder how many different variations there are handwritten in cookery books all over the land!


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