Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Top Drawer

I went to Top Drawer last Tuesday as it features in my one day I'm going to exhibit there plans. So I went for a gander, a lookabout, a recce. I also hoped to meet Dots and Spots, The Green Gal, Snapdragon and What Katie Did Next (bonus to meet SewSister).  Over the past year that I have been blogging and tweeting, I have followed and read their blogs and admired what they have achieved.

Bearing in mind this is a trade show and I went on the last day I wouldn't have been at all surprised if they had had enough of chatting, I wouldn't have been surprised if they wondered why this strange woman was talking to them as if she knew them and I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd decided to keep their little trade/show secrets to themselves. 

Well not one bit of it. They were all charming. All generous in their time chatting to me. All far lovelier than I had thought they even would be.

Trade catalogue
Thank you Becky, Gabrielle, Jane and Katie for taking the time to stop and have a little chat, it was really lovely to meet you all.


  1. Without exception, all the bloggers I've met have been lovely - I think it would be hard to completely hide your personality in a blog so you probably do get to hear true voices!

  2. It was an amazing show and so lovely to meet all of the lovely people you have mentioned and many more besides. Just ashame we didn't visit the same day as it would have been lovely to see you again!


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