Friday, 20 January 2012

Weekday Tea and Wearing Me Down Slowly

Every day, week day tea. I find it hard to come up with something that pleases everyone and  pretty much fail every night. This week I've tried 
Sweet & Sour chicken "OK but why does it have celery and peppers in it" and Fish Pie "I hate fish" "Why did you put the peas in it" ..... grrrrr. Actually the noodles and stir-fry on Wednesday went down OK but last night I decided to just give in completely. So it was Sausage + Mash + Baked Beans - Any Vegetables = Happy Children.

As we are on an economy drive I've also stopped buying puddings/biscuits so now have to make something every night. This is way more exciting and successful. Trifle, jelly, Angel Delight (OK not exactly making) and last night gooey chocolate pudding. If only we could live off pudding alone.


  1. Is there a child alive who doesn't like sausage, mash & beans? Actually scratch that: yes, there is and I have had her round to tea with my smaller one tonight. I think the word for my reaction is "gobsmacked".

  2. Gooey chocolate pudding looks and sounds divine.


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