Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Family Hobby?

We went Geocaching and we just may have found a new family hobby. It's such a simple but great idea and I really enjoyed the excitement of it but then again as my mother (yet again) pointed out to me I am very easily pleased.

I realise we are very late to catch on to this activity but for those of you as unfamiliar about Geocaching as we were until Boxing Day it is "a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location."

It is a great way to encourage the boys to go for a walk and they are keen to go and "do another one". Not only did we get to find some "treasure" but we also visited a beautiful church, abbey ruins, watermill and very well hidden World War II pill box.We are already planning our next Geocaching adventure. 


  1. I'm a big fan of geocaching too - the rest of the family is less keen and it's been a while since my last find. You can find me on as dottycookie! I need to plan another trip ...

  2. It's fun, isn't it :D There is a geocache spot on one of our dog walks, unsuspecting geocachers have been mobbed by the whippets a few times now, I think the dogs think these people have come into 'their' field especially to see them!


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