Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Project :: Sky 365

Annie from Knitsofacto has started a great project called Project :: Sky 365I won't go into lengthy explanations here go read it first hand to get all the information (suffice to say I love it). 

There is a road that I drive on at least twice a day (if not three times four times) which is just absolutely beautiful for sky spotting. The boys and I often say "wow look at that sky" so this project is perfect for us. 

Coincidentally I had already started my own little sky/landscape project and am going to try and take a photo every month from the same place at the same time. This is January at about 8am, the strange glow on the bottom right hand side is because I'm stopping and quickly taking a photo by the side of the car and it was so dark the lights are on!

I hope I remember each month and the plan is that it will be a log of the changing seasons. I'll let you know how I get on but back to the Project :: Sky 365, here are three photos one taken by Archie, one by Oscar (with his phone) and one by me.

Archie and I have completely missed the whole point of the project by including trees in our photos. We just find it tricky not to because it just makes the sky look so biiiiiiig.

A big thank you to Annie for starting this. We are really enjoying it and loving the excuse to put some of our photos into a project.


  1. Ooh, I like this idea. I have tried to do "take a photo every day" projects before, and I just don't ever keep up with them.

  2. Hi Jo, so glad you're having fun with this :D And don't worry too much about bits of landscape sneaking in. It was important to distinguish between skyscapes and photographs of things like trees against the sky - after all, the point is to look up - but a photograph like that last gorgeous one of yours can be all the better for something to give it a bit of scale ... that sky is immense!

    And Val, the nice thing about Project :: Sky 365 is that you can take sky pics as often as you like ... lots of people are building a daily record of their own, me included, but as long as someone in the Sky 365 community captures a skyscape each day we'll have met our goal.

    The monthly from-the-same-spot pics are a great idea Jo, I might try that too! Happy sky gazing :D


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