Monday, 22 August 2011

Baby Shower

When a customer asked if I could do a pink and blue large personalised bunting for a baby shower I decided to create a whole new product instead of just adding it as another choice to mpersonalised bunting.

A job on my To Do List is to sort out my notonthehighstreet page and one thing I should decide is how many choices I will have for each product. My personalised bunting started out with just two but now has six choices. How many different options should I have for each product???

Do you think this is a good idea to create different products or is it better to give options?

Slightly frustratingly I did all this for a customer who replied and said "It's PERFECT!!!!! Thank you so much:)" and I've not heard a peep since! I wonder what has happened to her .... maybe she's suddenly lost her memory and will wake up one day and realise that she never replied or ordered from that lovely Daisyley {some hope}.

If anyone is going to a baby shower for someone called Mrs Butler I'll sell it to you for half price!

Update. Lovely customer had just been busy and did get back to me and did buy it. Hush my mouth for not having faith in customers - it is me who should just be a bit more patient!

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