Monday, 15 August 2011


Following the riots last week Zoe from Zoe & Drew felt inspired to help all those small retailers who, through no fault of their own, have been affected. So she has come up with the fantastic idea to have a raffle, read her blog about it here.

It is such a great idea and, for those of us not affected but who can sympathise with those that are, it is an easy way for us all to help.

Zoe now has over 80 people involved which is incredible and I've no doubt that there will be some amazing prizes.

I have offered Zoe a raffle prize, although I wasn't sure what to give so I hope it is OK. In the end I thought whoever won the prize could use some Happy Birthday Bunting and stripy straws??

I wish Zoe the best of luck with her #riotraffle - you can follow her on twitter @zoeandandrew or @riotraffle for all the latest news.

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