Wednesday, 31 August 2011

France - Part 3

The reason we chose the property that we stayed in last week was mainly because Archie didn't want to share a pool, with anyone, no not one single person. Thankfully they made full use of it and even swam at night.

It also had fishing nearby. Something the boys (big and small) were very happy about.

We also went to the local Municipal lake that was great to swim in and had a sandy beach (!) and even had a sandy volleyball court. {Apparently I'm the worst player ... ever ... although I reckon I was the only one who could actually serve properly}. 

Ed doesn't 'do' sandcastles he does sea creatures disappearing into the water.

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  1. Ha - we don't do sandcastles either - we do huge "waterworks" and then have fun breaking the dams we've built. Apparently my husband did this as a child and once managed to soak a poor family who had set up camp slightly further down the beach ... he is more careful now!


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