Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Given the events of this week i.e., the riots I find this post rather comforting like a nice cup of tea because Harmony and Rosie wrote something that made The Philosophy of Lists write something that made me write something. I expect a lot of people have been sitting down with a cup of tea made with a splash of milk watching the news this week or checking up on friends to make sure they are OK and suggesting they meet up for a coffee soon. Oh and I really liked that one of the hash tags re the riots was #operationcupoftea.

Anyway the reason for this post is
 that last week the List Writer wrote a wonderful post on the subject of Milk. I went to leave a comment but realised that the comment would go on forever so here is my milk post :-)

Growing up on a dairy farm I have always loved milk. We would be sent up to the parlour with the milk churn and were told not to skim the milk off the top because that would take the cream but of course as the littlest I could never quite reach far enough down. I also remember, walking back down the yard to the house, we would try and swing the churn round 360 degrees without spilling any ... why?

Ahhh yes and break times at primary school - warm, pasteurised milk out of a carton which to me tasted very different to the unpasteurised, fresh, cold milk I was having at home.

When dad gave up cows the only milk that mum could buy that came anywhere close to what we were used to was Jersey Gold Top - mmmmm. I haven't had any for years but I reckon it would taste just like drinking double cream now.

I'm hoping that my lifetime of milk drinking will mean I have very strong bones in old age and I've always given the boys milk at tea time but I haven't quite passed on this love - Oscar loves milk and will happily, like me, guzzle a whole pint of milk but Archie whose Godfather is a dairy farmer ... ahem ... is not so keen.

I am lucky that we have a milkman (occasionally heard but rarely seen) and every couple of days he leaves me four pints of milk (silver top). I love the fact that it needs to be shaken before you have it and I really do believe it tastes different to carton supermarket milk.

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