Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Oh What Lovely Plums

No doubt if I was Anne Wheaton I would use these lovely plums to make some alcoholic concoction or, if I was my mum, I would stew them and have them with cream for pudding.

Or I could just wander past them every now and then and eat them as they are, juicy and delicious, until they disappear (or go manky).


  1. Gorgeous plummy photos. Lovely to meet a fellow quince tree owner.

  2. I bake the beasts with cinnamon and feel terribly virtuous when I eat them with Greek yogurt. A plum has to be obscenely ripe for me to contemplate eating it raw!

  3. Thank you Sue, I thought they were quite beautiful in their red plum{p}ness.

    Dottycookie I'm afraid they're all gone now but will have to try them with greek yoghurt (much better than having them with cream).


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