Friday, 19 August 2011

Summer Holidays - Week 4

Well this will be a quick post because the boys have been at Tennis Camp all week and I've been working and doing housework!

It's always great when I send the boys off to do an activity and they come back and say "it was great" "it is so much fun" and watching them I think they've actually learnt something too .... incredible.

Of course Archie needed a shock absorber ... uhhh why?

And a new grip!

The weather has been pretty good for them sunny but not too hot and only a bit of rain. They already knew most of the leaders and they had lots of friends doing the course too so it was a great week for them.

Oh and last Sunday we went to see Horrid Henry mainly because we are related to the actor who plays Henry ... well I say related ... very very tenuously. He's my mum's cousin's grandson so that is kind of related isn't it? Anyway regardless of the connection the boys really loved it and it was nice to go with Granny.


  1. You're as bad as your mother.

  2. Oh I'm not too worried I think you're still beating me in the "how quickly can you turn into your mother" stakes .... shall I mention fused plastic bags ...


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